Meet The Family

Our team

Chris & Emma Couanon, Owners/Partners.

Chris was taught how to tile by his father and has been tiling for over 30 years. He has established a great name for Calm Tiling Contractors over time providing the quality workmanship we are known for together with a professional approach and knowledge of the industry. 

Chris, as our team leader, liaises with the client to ensure jobs are correctly set out to the owner’s requirements then meets our tilers on site to ensure they understand the desired result. 

Chris is still tiling however he spends some of his time supervising our tilers to ensure the quality we are known for continues.

Chris won HIA "Tiler of the Year" award for his entry statement work at the Catalano's Head Office and recently completed the Armanti Tile & Bathroom showroom laying huge tiles - for which we had to custom build a machine!

Emma is the Office Manager, Bookkeeper, Marketer and HR person for Calm Tiling Contractors as well as scheduling and tenders.  Emma was working full time as well as running Calm from home until she and Chris had their daughter Josie.  Now Emma shares her time between running the family business and being a mum.

Emma has previously worked in the building industry and uses her knowledge to help Chris and our clients with renovations and designs.  Attending quotations with Chris when she can, Emma is always available to help with ideas and answer queries for our clients.

Todd, taught by Chris, has been a tiler for many years and has worked with us on numerous occasions over the past 10 years. He understands the expectations and quality we expect from our tilers and we are happy to welcome him back to working with us on a regular basis. Todd takes pride in his work and is a quality tiler.
Cody was originally taught by Chris and has worked with other tilers to expand his knowledge and experience. Cody has become a quality tiler and is part of the original Calm Tiling family.
Gary joined the team around 9 months ago and is a proven asset. He has a high standard of workmanship and has provided quality works for us on each project.
Jason comes to us with a wealth of knowledge of tiling. He has worked with a number of quality tilers, taking knowledge and skill from each of them.
Josh started with us on work experience and has since become our apprentice. In his third year now, Josh has a great future ahead of him and is already well on his way to becoming a great tiler. We think Josh is a true "one in a million" and are proud to have him in our team.
Jesse has been with our team for around 1 1/2 years and is proving to be an up and coming quality tiler. We look forward to continuing to see and teach great things.
Blake has been with us now for around 2 years. The first year was during school work experience and from then on as a full time employee. His brother Josh is our second year apprentice and so far, Blake is proving to be another "one in a million".
Blaid has worked with us on occasion for approximately 3 years. He joined our team as a labourer and has himself to be a great worker. Blaid is learning the trade while labouring.
Dale & Ali
Dale have their own work however both stay a part of our team when needed. Both are exceptional tilers.

Dale has worked with and been a collegue of Chris for some 30 years.
Dale works with us in the Margaret River area and joins up with the team to complete large scale and commercial work.

Ali works with us on occasion between his own work. He is a very high quality tiler and works well with our team.
Quinie has joined our team as a labourer. So far, he has picked up quickly and is proving to be an asset to the team.
Hamish has worked with us as a labourer for around 9 months. He shows great potential to further a career in tiling.
Brodie is our newest team member. Recently moving to the South West, he comes with knowledge and skills he has gained while working with tiling teams in Perth.
Will was on a working holiday from the UK and what a gem we found. Although Will has returned to the UK, we still class him as part of our team and look forward to his return in the not too distant future. Will is a top quality tiler and it has been a pleasure working with him. Watch this space for Will's return...
Work Experience
Jake, Josh and Blake all started with us on long term work experience. They are both proving to have a great future ahead in the building industry - particularly tiling.

We are always happy to assist young people to enhance their skills and encourage work experience.
Jake has worked with us for approximately 3 years. First on work experience and now as a casual labourer. Jake shows potential to be a great tiler in the future.

Sub Contractors

We have upwards of 10 tiling sub-contractors available to us at present and working with us on a regular basis.

We also have a team of tradesmen for our bathroom renovations including a plumber, electrician, carpenter and gyprocker, all whom we have worked with on numerous occasions and meet our standards of quality workmanship.